Why buying original Aquila strings?

Why buy original Aquila strings?

Some reasons why you should NOT buy non-Original Aquila Strings

  1. Hang tag is provided free of charge with original Aquila strings; with the non-original strings you have to pay the shipping and hang tags fee
  2. You will now receive a certificate of originality for the purchased strings that you can show to your customers that asked you to install only original Aquila Strings.
  3. Our strings have a fixed price for all the different lengths and diameters. Prices of non-original strings instead grow with diameter and with longer lengths.
  4. If your customer expressly asked you for Aquila original strings, he would not be happy at all knowing that you installed strings that are not original (not only you may lose the customer, but you may also receive a claim for false declaration of originality of the strings).
  5. Your customer will feel like he has been cheated by you even if you can show him that you’ve been a victim of a false Aquila agent. Customer confidence is vital to keep the business and to guarantee you an economic advantage.
  6. The cost of our strings may be higher than false strings but we know that a considerable extra cost is applied when the final customer wants an ukulele equipped with Aquila strings. We don’t think it’s worth the risk of losing your customer and even going to court for fraud.
  7. International law gives Aquila corde armoniche the power to act directly with the companies/brands that are installing non-original strings, and with western companies that will introduce in their country counterfeit strings. If you use our original strings you will not run into any serious legal risks and the same can be applied to your customer.
  8. The chemical analysis showed that non-original strings are made using recycled second-choice cheap materials with the addition of different plastics that make the sound worse than the one you can experience with the original Aquila strings. This severely damages the quality of the sound on your musical instruments, and makes them less competitive in the market. You worked very hard to get the best sound from your instruments at a competitive price: do you really want the strings to make you lose your customers?
  9. There are fake Aquila agents around, that offer non-original strings: if you have any doubt that needs to be clarified, please call or write an email to Kingsway for our support (e-mail: lornalin@kingsw.cn – phone: +86 15113310660).